Message from the President

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Fellow Members:

We have two big events coming: The Children’s Christmas Party and the Adult Christmas Party in December. Jerry Icenogle and Rob and Carolyn Charles do an excellent job with the Children’s parties and can always use volunteers. Please contact them for information.

The parking lot is now going to get moving as soon as the permitting process is finished. We’ve done our part and hope to see stone this year yet, but if not, it’ll be next spring.

As the Holiday Season will be upon us, please take the time out of your daily life to do something kind for those in need, as a simple act of kindness goes a long way. Thank God for all that we have and try to help those that are in true need.

- Doug Wise, President

Secretary's Notes

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On Sunday, November 9th, the District Meeting will be held in Leipsic. It’s a little drive to get there but it is always interesting with a guest speaker and a nice meal thrown in.

As most members know, the Lima Eagles 370 was the top Aerie in the nation last year for new members with 433. Earlier this week, I received notice from the Grand Aerie membership department that we are seventh in the nation so far this year. This was a great accomplishment for our Aerie members and officers. Keep up the good work and we could be top in the nation again..

- Tom Naylor, Secretary

Deceased Members

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In Memory of our Deceased Aerie Members:

Harold E. Dick, Jr.
Kay Prine
Edwin Ansley

370 Euchre Club

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Games Every Monday • 7:00 p.m.
You are invited!

Euchre Winners

August 18  Rolland Dodge
August 25  Oscar Scheufler
September 1 No Game (Labor Day - Club Closed)
September 8 Tie:  Marge Sutherland, Vern Hermiller & Sara McClure
September 15 Jim McClure
September 22 Oscar Scheufler
September 29 Jim Bogner
October 6 Becky Martz
October 13 Jim Bogner

 Come join in on the fun!