Message from the President

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Fellow Members:

I would like to start off by thanking those that showed up to the meeting on Tuesday, February 17, as you showed me that you actually care what’s going on and wanted to hear the facts and not just some complaining in the Clubroom.

We are, as a collective group of officers, working to resolve the issue that faces us and hope to have this done in reasonable order.

I’d also like to thank those folks who have stepped up to support the Club, whether by buying a few meals or having a few beverages. It’s people like you that have made it an honor to be an Officer here. For those that just come in for the drawings, spend nothing and leave; I’d hope you’d understand that the Club needs your financial support as well. It’s not just about the drawings. In other words, it goes back to the old quote adapted from JFK, “Ask not what your Club can do for you, ask what you can do for your Club.”

In my 30 years as a member, 20 plus as an office holder, it still amazes me how in these economic times, a person can come into a private club and think for the prices of dues, everything else should be free. Of course, I also stated in an earlier newsletter that those who expect free things all the time are going to get a rude awakening. While the gambling issue gets resolved, we have to be austere and cut things that are not making money in an effort to keep the doors open. I’m pretty darn proud of these Officers and how they’ve stepped up, and many of our members as well. No longer can some sit around and expect others to foot the bill for their fun times, as the gambling subsidized the operations while giving us the freedom to donate to worthy local Lima causes, which have suffered because of this as well.

In closing, let’s get our gambling license back and let’s get winter over. Don’t listen to rumors and come to the meeting; because that’s where the Club is governed.

- Doug Wise, President

Secretary's Notes

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I hope everyone is staying nice and warm. On Sunday, March 8th, we will be holding our District 24 meeting at Columbus Grove #2772. Doug Wise will be our Deputy State President presiding over meetings for the next year.

Just to let everyone have a little advanced notice, the Membership Dues will be coming up in May.

It’s been one of those weeks! Pass the WINE!

- Tom Naylor, Secretary

Deceased Members

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In Memory of our Deceased Aerie Members:

Harold Stewart
Mike Roeder
James M. Miller
Linda Shaw
J.D. Mason
Richard Bradford
Dean Young
Herschel Hollar
Dean Reed
Orville Compton
Olan "Bill" Wilkerson
James Curtis
Jimmie D. McClain
Gail L. Allen
Donald Claybaugh

370 Euchre Club

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Games Every Monday • 7:00 p.m.
You are invited!

Euchre Winners

December 22  Cathy Coolins
December 29  Tie:  Judy Miller, Paul Altenburger
January 5 Jerry Liebrecht
January 12 Kevin Mangas
January 19 Patti Hicks
January 26 Judy Miller
February 2 Chris Rosenbeck
February 9 Tie:  Jim McCluer, Hager Lafferty

 Come join in on the fun!