Message from the President

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Fellow Members:

As of this writing, our Lodge has lost several stalwart members who meant a lot to all of us here. They were regulars, people you may not know really well, but saw them here in the Club on a regular basis. May God bless them and their families in this difficult time. As a Club, we will miss them tremendously.

Many have asked questions regarding the parking lot, and the expansion thereof. We are on the list, and hopefully this long awaited project will get off the ground. I'd like to thank the Board of Trustees for getting the bids in a timely fashion and including the permitting process and proper stone in the bid package as well. We need to be able to actually pave over should we decide to without having to remove the entire base to install another. We don't want to spend 'bad money,' trying to get to an objective.

The kitchen is just about done and will help streamline the process of our food prep. Thank you to all our members for your patience while this process has taken place.

As a result of the recent election of Officers, there was a vacancy created in the One-year Trustee position. As the President, I had the power to appoint an Officer and after having letters of interest submitted and interviewing each candidate, a decision was reached to appoint Rick Sciranka to the one-year Trustee position. Rick has, to his credit, management and ownership experience in the one area we lack on the Board, restaurant and bar. Which is a major part of our business model. He brings a wealth of this type of experience to the Club and can assist the management team in overcoming the issues that face us.

We have a great Club here, with many wonderful members with various talents. It's nice to see someone willing to step up and put that to use in helping our Lodge become even better. Please welcome Rick and take the time to talk with him about your concerns and positive feedbacks. Remember, it's not a one Officer Club, it's many officers all working together that make a true organization.

I would also be remiss in my remarks today, if I didn't thank Kenny Duncan for the job he did as a One-Year Trustee. On behalf of the Officers and members, thank you Kenny, for your service and job well done.

- Doug Wise, President

Secretary's Notes

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Membership Dues are coming in nicely. We still have several members that need to renew for the coming year. As of June 15th, the grace period expired which means if you have not paid your dues, you cannot come into the Aerie or participate in any Aerie functions or drawings.

As of September 15th, you will be dropped from the membership roster by the Grand Aerie and you will have to rejoin.

Our District meeting will be held on Sunday, July 13th at Delphos Aerie 471 and then again on Sunday, August 17th at Lima Aerie 370.

The National Aerie's Convention will be held at the Rosen Centre in Orlando, Florida from Monday, July 14th thru Thursday, July 17th.

- Tom Naylor, Secretary

Deceased Members

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In Memory of our Deceased Aerie Members:

Joe Worthington
E. Lee Boedecker
Donald Stevenson
William Sowers
Jack D. Burden
Charla Mankey
Warran "Barney" Hefner
Ronald Mullholland

370 Euchre Club

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Games Every Monday • 7:00 p.m.
You are invited!

Euchre Winners

April 14  Joan Hageman
April 21   Deb Hadding
April 28  George McCume 
May 5 Deb Hadding 
May 12 Tie:  Vera Siebanaller & George Morgan
May 19 George McCume
May 26 Memorial Day / Club Closed
June 2 Hilda Cummings
June 6 Walter Hoehn

 Come join in on the fun!