Message from the President

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Fellow Members:

Very few times this year have I had to say something, but we need our members’ help. Support your Club! We are going through something every other private club goes through at one time or another, and while serious, can be resolved. These drawings while big, have brought out the worst elements in some folks.

I will also address the rumor mill as well in this article. There are people spreading rumors in the Club who have little to no knowledge of what actually is going on. The actual information is being read on the meeting floor. If you want to know what’s going on, please attend a meeting. You’ll be amazed at the rumors and what actually is fact. If you don’t hear it in the meeting read by one of our Officers, it’s probably not true or even close to the truth. Also, please eat a meal or drink something when you visit as it pays our overhead and keeps the Club operational while this is all being resolved.

On behalf of all the Officers here at Lima 370, we hope your Christmas was celebrated in good health. We wish all our members a very Happy New Year 2015 as well! Hope our Buckeyes win over Alabama!

- Doug Wise, President

Secretary's Notes

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I hope everyone is having Happy Holidays! We had a nice Christmas membership meeting on Tuesday, December 16 with a great meal after the meeting. Our compliments to the kitchen staff on the meal. We passed out date books and pens to all attendees and if you missed the meeting, I have some date books left at the office (we are out of pens).

Our next District Meeting will be held on Sunday, January 11th at the Delphos Aerie 471.

- Tom Naylor, Secretary

Deceased Members

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In Memory of our Deceased Aerie Members:

Daniel Mullane
Robert Carder
Robert Heidenescher
Alvin Best
Russell A. Goedde, Sr.
Richard Hall
Randy L. Tomlinson

370 Euchre Club

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Games Every Monday • 7:00 p.m.
You are invited!

Euchre Winners

October 20  Cathy Coolins & Mary Cashell
October 27  Jerry Liebrecht
November 3 Jim McCluer
November 10 Sue Warnecke
November 17 Sherry Cottle
November 24 Jim Grigsby & Donna Vogt
December 1 Carl Vendemark
December 8 Kevin Mangas

 Come join in on the fun!